Originally from Shropshire in England, I now live and work in Glasgow and respond in paint to the Scottish Landscape.

Although the inspiration for my work often comes from visiting singular architectural structures in specific rural places, I primarily use these buildings to provide myself with a structure or form to paint within. Any illusions to representing a particular place masks what I am really interested in, which is to figuratively paint an abstract picture.

The structures I at first capture in drawings serve as a basis for my involvement with the paint and from then on, my interaction with the paint takes over.

I exhibit  in both Scotland and England.

‘There is a poetic sparseness to Cartman’s paintings of wide open spaces, in the skies or the sculpted buildings which look as if they have been there for all time. His paintings are like memories: fixed and definite in our mind’s eye but not perfect and all the better for the instinctive use of paint and the tools he applies it with’  Jan Patience, The Glasgow Herald